Thursday, August 28, 2008

AGI - Hex Hex

It's been a while since I last posted but there are plenty of games I could bring up. Today, I bring you a game that I just recently found called Hex Hex. This is a card game that has its origins in the game hot potato. The object of the game is to not be hexed, to avoid this fate you have spells (cards) that deflect the hex to other players. This continues until a player can't deflect the Hex and
they lose Voice (points). Interestingly enough, the game has no real victory conditions. They only state that the players choose a certain number of round to play and the end of it the person with the most voice wins. This may seem odd but once you play a few turns you understand why the victory conditions are so odd...

It just a blast to play!

The game starts with one player dealing out 5 cards to each person, then assign the hex to a random player. As mentioned above the players all bounce the Hex around until it finally explodes. To add spice to this not all cards pass the hex, one cards actually cause the hex to explode on the player it is attached at the moment. Others include splitting the Hex into 2 hexes and the card that the game is named after the Hex Hex card. This card can be played at anytime and when placed everyone at the table has to raise their hands above their head and say: "Hex Hex!" The Last person to do this loses three voice. The variety of cards turn this game in an excellent group game. the more people you have the better since it make the game more unpredictable.

Hex Hex is a great party game with rules are quick to pick up and variety make it fun to play for extended periods of time. Buy it no seriously buy this right now from the link in my blog, its worth the money. Here's the link one more time just in case you can't find it above.