Thursday, October 25, 2007


By time you read this post, the site has already changed the title. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who realized just how stupid the original title of the article was. You can guess by looking at these titles, if they don't change them as well.

That or you could read the mindless comments some people left on the article.

I was sent this article at work, it took a good bit of willpower not to say WTF out loud in the office. Yes, I've seen pictures of Jade Raymond. Yes, She is good looking, but the end result is depressing. Video game "journalism" turns into a mass of brainless fools the moment a female, who is hot, gets a high profile job.

Its true you could say well that is the price of fame. I mean look at Hollywood, you live and die by your looks there. The problem with that argument is that in this industry the game is what needs to sell not the person.

Proof: Stevie Case. Anyone remember her? I bet the PC gamers do. To me, she seemed to always promote games with her looks. The games were...Ion Storm...judging from what a PCXL article said that method didn't work very well. I know if I was Jade I'd be worried. Worried not that she has rabid fanboys, but that she can't even be sure the "Professional Journalists" she's does interviews with will even care about the game she is trying to promote. Jade is getting the brunt of fanboys eyes but she not the only girl in the industry. iB0ssom in her blog talks about being a female in the industry, (Read the October 20 article) and her thoughts on situations like above.

IGN is associated with these articles as it's logo is proudly displayed in the corner. I wouldn't even let the article go to print with that title. IGN is one of the biggest game sites on the web, but for a while it appeared they wanted to be the Maxim of game websites. They had a Babes section, which is now "Stars". (Content hasn't change too much though...) If IGN is trying to present itself as a mature journalistic website, they shouldn't have editors allowing articles like those above to pass. I can see clearly the editor and writer laughing in amusement about just how clever they feel about the title.

Oh yeah... you guys are clever...One day perhaps you will move on from the adolescent boy's humor and realize that if you want to be respected as journalist you're gonna have to show respect first.

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