Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It been a while...

It sure has. Yeesh.

Well I'd like to say I was delayed in posting a while due to having to save the world from annihilation by the entity known as Nyx. The battle was coming up soon and I had to prepare. 26 days till the end of the world is no laughing matter. I trained hard and gained a new level of enlightenment both in combat and in understanding the human condition. In the end, the training paid off and Nyx fell before me like nothing more than another bump in the road. Humans 1, ultra powerful entities 0.

My friends gathered around me and celebrated as we fought to live and survived. I was happy the world was saved Humanity would live to see life grow. But, something still bothered me. Nyx defeat was too easy...Its most powerful attack barely cut the surface of my skin. Was that really the final boss of this game? My current level was only 99. My spells pounded almost triple the damage the final boss could shell out. I should have at least broken a sweat right?

...Guess that what I get for maxing out my characters level. A character so powerful gods fear him.

but, did I screw up the challenge of the final boss? The game?

Honestly, no.

Yeah, I can see your face: "WTF, mate." (By the way if you are picturing a kangaroo you are awesome)

Persona 3 is a fun game. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes JRPGS or RPGs. Why? Because they definitely did something different than what I was used to seeing.

First the end of the world was on January 31, 2009 no exceptions (take that Nostradamus). Either be ready to fight by then or fall. I wanted to be ready, so I did what I tend to do a little too much of in RPGs and grind the game.

The second thing they did was make you explore their dungeon. The only way to fight the boss was to make it to the top floor by the 31 of January. If you don't make it then game over. I had a map of the all the way up to the top most part by the end of December.

The final thing I liked was that your characters got tired. If you grind too long you will exhaust yourself and then you won't be at peak condition for 2 days. When every day counts it can be critical not to waste all of your energy. If i was going to exhaust myself i needed to make sure i had planned ahead accordingly.

The results of this planning were spectacular, The boss didn't even stand a chance. Honestly could have beaten the game probably 2 months ago, but I wanted to make sure that if this boss was gonna be tough my character would be tough too.

Yeah... so...what does that rambling mean to the original question?

I did what I wanted with this game and got the result I wanted. You can think I ruined the experience by creating a monstrous character, but I did want to create this monster. It felt good. My long hours of grinding showed that it wasn't all for nothing.

Heh, just reading over this post I know I'll sound like a total nerd/dork/weirdo who has too much time on my hands and not enough to do.

Well, I'll be honest again, if I was still in college I probably would have beaten this game in a few months with the same result. But, with other more important things to do, Persona 3 fell by the way side many a night. I wanted to finish this game. It wasn't about to be another game half done, which has happened more time than I care to think.

So if I sound a little too nerdy/dorky/geeky that's OK.

I beat P3 and I beat it the way I wanted...Damn that feels good.

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