Wednesday, January 5, 2011

AGI: Dice Games Edition

3 reviews for in one shot. All of these games are fast fun games. First game is Dino Dice by Mayfair Games. This game is for any number of players and consist of the five colorful dice. Each side of the die is a different Dino silhouette. The gameplay is simple:
  • Roll the dice. Look at results.
  • Any matching numbers can be put together to create a herd. These give you bonus points.
  • For every T-rex rolled, you have to remove one of your other dinos. (so 2 rexs = 2 less dinos)
  • You can stay with this roll or reroll any number of your dice(minus the ones eaten by T-rexs) up to 2 more times. 
  • Add the face values currently rolled and add any herd bonuses.
  • Once a person reaches or goes over 150 points, everyone else gets 1 more turn then the game stops. 
  • Person with the highest score wins.  
The games can last from 10 to 30 minutes. 30 minutes was due to everyone rolling poorly.  This type of game is great for the family since the rules a simple and there aren't complex boards and parts. Plus, it has dinosaurs which is bonus points in my book.

Next up is Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games. Zombie Dice is similar to the Dino Dice in gameplay style. In this game, you play a zombie searching for fresh brains. The Game comes in a cup that holds 15 dice. The dice have 3 different symbols. Footsteps (The human ran away), Shotgun blast(you take damage), and a Brain (nom nom nom). The dice also have 3 different colors: Red, yellow, green. The color tells you the chance a of a shotgun blast showing up. Red has the highest chance and the green lowest chance. Each turn goes as follows:
  • Randomly take out 3 dice from the dice cup and roll them.
  • Place any brains to one side and shotgun blast to the other. Hold on to footsteps,
  • Players can now choose to stop rolling or roll 3 more dice, by taking footsteps from previous roll and adding new dice up to 3.
  • Players can continue to do this till he chooses to stop or till he has 3 shotgun blasts. 
  • If he gets 3 shotgun blasts his turn ends and he does not get any points he gained this round.
  • The first person to get past 15 points signifies the ends of the game and everyone get one last roll to win.
The fun is in the risk versus reward of rolling. You can also weigh in by the different colors being different levels of difficulty. A player could keep rolling but he hold 2 reds and one green  that a high risk of getting shot.

Both games play quickly, and are easy to learn. Their price is also another great selling point, both games are under five dollars. If you don't have them, get them, seriously why are still reading this go and get them.

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