Thursday, October 4, 2007

It Gets You Thinking...

Why would I go and do this? Start a blog about games, please there are probably 2.5 million (+/- 2) people blogging as well. Honestly, I blame reading Escapist Magazine it pointed me to places like Sexy Videogameland(SVGL), and Save the Robot, writers who get you to start thinking. At first i was a casual reader coming occasionally to see what was up. Soon, I was having discussion with my girlfriend (who also reads these blogs) about what was said. After exchanging thoughts on SVGL's post East vs. West. My girlfriend said something: You should write that down as a comment on the site.

Instead, I have the brilliant idea to start a blog...yeah, totally missed the target. Honestly I decided to write in a blog for more personal use. If i find a topic I find interesting this will give me a place to write out my thoughts on the subject. I could just use a notebook or word processor but I've always wanted to try this "Blogging" thing.

So what should you expect from this site?

In truth I don't expect this site to be read by anybody except Me and a few friends but if other stumble upon it. Here is what you will find:
  1. Bad spelling and grammer. I am not a professional writer, I am not looking to be one, so you will find errors. I apologize for this in advance. Feel free to let me know and I'll try to fix them to make it easier to read.
  2. An average vocabulary. Again read above.
  3. My thoughts on subjects I read in Blogs, News sites, Forums. I will try my best to explain my thoughts. I hate when someone tries to make a point and they don't support it with examples and/or facts. It makes one sound like a ranting fanboy/girl.
  4. Games won't just be Video games. While video games are the big thing now, but there are other games that I will mention. If you look at the links under blogs you'll see one that goes to a Warhammer blog. I'd like to say I'll cover all thing I read evenly but to be honest I foresee 80 to 90 % Video Games, mostly because of the size of the industry there's more coverage of it.

Well, here's hoping for a good time writing.


1 comment:

SVGL said...

Hey Karl,

Found your blog by accident while looking at my links (which I only do once in a while, I swear!) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm really glad if my blog helped in some small way to foster discussion between you and your girlfriend and inspire you to start your own site -- that's why I do it, so I'm glad!

Best of luck!!

Leigh (SVGL)